Deputy Principal-Academics

Messsage from the Deputy Principal-Mr. Francis Tanui

The Aldai Technical Instituteis an integral part of the society and endeavors to exhibit high social and professional standards. Core Values are the fundamental values or ideals at the heart of Aldai Technical Institutethat lay the foundation on which the Institute operates. Core values shape the culture and define the character of Aldai Technical Institute. The staff will conduct their duties in accordance with the Teachers Service Code of conduct and Ethics and endeavor to project a supportive corporate culture among its members. In TVET institutions, Science Technology and Innovation will play a critical role in the realisation of the vision 2030. It is with this in mind that the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education has laid down a strategy to harmonise, implement, guide and coordinate matters of TVET institutions as the basis of the above consideration. Aldai Technical Training Institute has its strategic plan to define the road map it will take to discharge its mandate over the next five years.

The office of the Deputy Principal Academics ensures that teaching time tables are made in time and all lessons are taught effiiently and effectively by our team of highly qualifid lecturers. Students are required to attend all the lessons, practicals and do their assessments and examinations and to ensure they pass before moving to the next level or graduate.The Academic Departments under the Deputy Principal include: - Building and Civil Engineering/ - Business / - Computing and Information Technology/ - Entrepreneurship and Human Resource /The departments offer relevant demand driven courses.

TVET Philosophy:
The TVET philosophy as encapsulated by Sessional Paper No. 14 of 2012 is based on national development agenda and in particular, Vision 2030. It is focused on providing skills that meet the needs of the workplace as well as self-employment. TVET is premised on the principle “Education and training for the workplace”. Thus TVET will be provided for the purpose of guaranteeing human and economic development with the outcomes being human resources fit for the market.