Welcome to Aldai Technical Training Institute

Welcome to Aldai - Technical Training Institute

Aldai TTI promotes a cooperative, positive, and safe learning environment which ensures that the education of each child is the heart of the colleges' operation. Through partnerships with family and community, we enable students to become responsible citizens who are productive members of the global community, committed to excellence and life-long learning.The piece of land on which this Institute stands at Kemeloi shopping centre,Kamimei Sub-Location, Mugen Location, Aldai Division, Aldai Constituency, Nandi South Sub-County, Nandi County was set aside by the late Paramount Chief Daudi Kiprop Titi to be public land for use to put up Government projects in future and Nandi County has been holding that land in trust for the community.

In the year 2009 the area Member of Parliament Hon Dr. Sally Kosgei asked the District commissioner about where to put up a Technical Institute and leaders proposed Kemeloi area because here is enough land for it.The area chief Mugen then called a locational leaders meeting and informed them about the project. A committee was elected and they did some meetings at the locational level.The land that was required was 50 Acres. Kemeloi Boys donated 40 Acres, Kemeloi Health Centre donated 8 Acres and Kemeloi Trading Centre donated 2 Acres totaling to 50 Acres. Constituency Development Fund assisted in the funds that was used to survey and prepare a new Title deed to the Institute. The title was then consolidated and a title deed Kemeloi Nandi plot No 1151 was issued to the institute.
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ATTI invites all prospective students for the MAY 2019 intake.
Click the button to download an application form and fee structure.The Application form should be filled and submitted to the registrar@aldaitti.ac.ke

Our Vision,Mission and Core Values

MISSION:"To provide diversified Vocational Technical and Industrial skills relevant to market demands for sustainable, individual, National and Global development."
VISION: "To transform society through acquisition of skills, competences and innovation for Self-reliance."
CORE VALUES: • Integrity • Quality • Accountability • Professionalism• Commitment • Leadership • Diversity

    • Diverse market driven courses that meet your Needs.
    Aldai TTI has fully accredited courses that are market driven.The courses range from certificate to Diploma. View courses

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Aldai Technical Training Institute in Kenya’s Development Agenda

  • Vision 2030
    Vision 2030 has in mind the fact that Kenya’s pool of talent is small and inadequately trained for integration into the job market. Measures will therefore be taken to improve the national pool of skills and talent through training that is relevant to the needs of the economy. The current transition rate from secondary level education to university will be increased and the postgraduate training strengthened, particularly in science and technology.
  • Intensification of innovation in priority sectors
    To intensify innovation, there will be increased funding for basic and applied research for development in collaboration with industries. Furthermore, ATTI will identify and implement appropriate measures to coordinate research activities among the various institutions to ensure synergy and to avoid duplication. Indigenous technology, which is part of our national heritage, remains unmapped and has exposed our national heritage to misuse by external interest groups. Measures will be taken to identify and protect this heritage
  • ST&I awareness
    In view of the importance of ST&I in society, efforts will be made to promote awareness of new ideas and discoveries to the general public. ATTI will aim at creating and deepening ST&I awareness, particularly in the social sphere and to support initiatives to develop ST&I solutions to address current and future development problems.
  • Strengthening the ST&I Performance Management Framework
    There is general ineffectiveness in the coordination of the national ST&I system, leading to inefficient resource utilization. There is also a lack of adequate information to facilitate regional and international benchmarking and track the implementation of ST&I activities. Therefore, under this plan, an understanding of the utilization of resources in the ST&I sector to contribute to national development is critical. This will focus on timely tracking of the implementation of various programmes/initiatives under this plan aimed at realizing its overall objectives.

fill and attach relevant copies of KCSE Certificate/results slips, school leaving certificates,Birth Certificate and national identity card. Enclose a non refundable application fee of 300/=
Bank account;